We focus on the intersection of science and technology to drive digital transformation and climate action.


Our thesis is based on the belief that industry digital transformation at scale will be driven by data-centric companies, more specifically with the application of breakthrough technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Voice, Computer Vision or Distributed Databases, among others.


We are looking for science-driven founders developing AI-powered vertical industry solutions or cross-industry next-gen AI/Data management platforms to increasing intelligence, automation or transparency across value chains.

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Climate/ Ocean tech

Our thesis is based on the belief that deep tech is an urgent accelerator of innovation for high positive impact on ocean sustainability, climate action and decarbonization of the global economy.


We are looking for the new generation of mission-driven entrepreneurs - "blue pioneers" - developing innovative climate/ ocean technology solutions with global ambition in areas such as blue biotech, food and feed from the ocean, ocean health, earth intelligence or the decarbonization of multiple industries.

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Our thesis is based on the belief that the decentralized web represents the next major iteration of the internet and will disrupt multiple industries.


We are looking for the new generation of entrepreneurs working on hard engineering such as cryptography, blockchain technologies or distributed systems to build new protocols, tools, infrastructure services or applications to drive Web3 use cases.

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