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Learning together

Faber believes in actively promoting transparency and openness in the entrepreneurship community through access to specialized knowledge and advice on how venture building and financing work.

We developed our virtual open office policy to help the next generation of entrepreneurs take the first steps.

Startup Founders

Faber team offers mentorship to the ones trying to build the data enterprise stack with applied technology by sharing practical advice to help navigate the hurdles of new businesses’ first steps.

Students & Academia Founders

Very often we meet students and people from academia, who feel distant from entrepreneurial knowledge and experience with many questions and fears about approaching entrepreneurship.

Faber offers dedicated mentorship hours to help students navigate those questions.

Women Founders

Faber team acknowledges the importance of gender-balanced opportunities for entrepreneurs and the existing barriers for women to enterprise, that’s why we have a dedicated track of mentorship for women entrepreneurs looking for specific advice on fundraising.