We partner with founders that are creating an impact on a global scale.

Proudly working with portfolio companies almost since inception at different levels according to each company's development stage.

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  • “With Faber, we've built a long lasting, long term partnership that has helped us through thick and thin over the course of years of building our company. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with Faber and we're excited about continuing our work together.”
    Jaime Jorge, Co-founder & CEO at Codacy
  • “Faber was an early backer of Hole19 and they've been supportive on all levels. From intros to customers and potential investors, to helping with strategic direction during Board meetings, Faber has been a pillar of our growth.”
    Anthony Douglas, Co-founder & CEO at Hole19
  • “Faber has been an amazing partner to Unbabel especially in the early phase. Their dedication and availability to support founders was a great help. Furthermore, Faber has set up a community spirit between their portfolio companies that served as a great support network for us.”
    João Graça, Co-founder & CTO at Unbabel