We combine investment focus with active and specialized support to help you succeed.

Faber is a founder-first firm looking to invest in teams with a global vision starting from Europe. We are looking for:


Talent driven by mission and values

Starting a company is a challenging and complex problem. That’s why we believe in partnering with highly specialized tech teams aiming to build a diverse, balanced and inclusive culture with an open mindset, endless curiosity and relentless ambition to make a positive impact and conquer the world.


The future is powered by deep tech

Our thesis is based on the belief that entrepreneurship is a core engine for innovation and positive change and deep technology is a powerful accelerator. We focus on the intersection of science and technology to drive digital transformation and climate action. We offer specialized funds with dedicated investment teams and expert advisor networks to actively help founders build global companies powered by AI/data, climate/ocean technologies, or Web3.


Impactful solutions for large industries

AI/data science, climate technologies and Web3 will be transformative across industries, adding unprecedented velocity, value and positive impact to economies and societies at large. We believe that using deep tech to solve some of the most urgent and valuable challenges will result in innovation across industries, from healthcare to financial services, from manufacturing to agro-food and retail. However, we trust your insight and expertise to guide us into large opportunities in any relevant industry.


Pre-series A

Our initial ticket size ranges from €100K to €1,5M. We invest with industry standard terms and specialize in helping companies become series A ready. While we tend to lead, we have an extensive track record of partnering with VCs and angels in Europe and the US.


Iberia as a scale-up launchpad

Actively looking for companies starting from Iberia with a firm belief in local tech talent and infrastructure potential to become a world-class benchmark, and selectively investing in companies across Europe.

We know what it takes to go from pre-seed to series A.


Resident core team with entrepreneurial expertise and specialized board-level support.

Expert advisory network of founders, professors, scientists and industry execs available for problem solving on demand, coaching and continuous support.


Working with founders on:

  • - company setup,
  • - back-office,
  • - legal and finance,
  • - hiring and team formation,
  • - business planning and development,
  • - product tech/strategy,
  • - structuring rounds of financing.
Modus Operandi

Our collaboration with founders and teams starts before an investment is even made.

Our continuous work includes special purpose workshops and dedicated sprints, thematic portfolio meetups, promoting cross-company synergies, sharing best practices, and industry connections.

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